Structured Word Inquiry WORKSHOP

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    • How to Navigate the Site - video

    • Welcome to Introduction to Structured Word Inquiry!

    • Agreement about Training Resources

    • Welcome & ZOOM link

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    MODULE 2 - class

    • Module 2 - CLASS Handouts

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    MODULE 4 - class

    • Module 4 - CLASS Handouts

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    MODULE 6 - class

    • Module 6 - CLASS Handouts


  • Do I need any prerequisite training to participate?

    No! No other training required!

  • What if I have already taken Introduction to SWI?

    I think there are benefits to recidivizing/ revisiting things for a second (or third, or fourth) time! If you have already taken "Introduction to SWI" with Fundamental Learning, please email for a discount code to audit this workshop. If you have previous experience (but not with Fundamental Learning) I would encourage you to attend as well.

  • Do you have more information?

    Please visit the website: for a flyer and more information.